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Structural Framing Stud & Track

For building projects on any scale, Kamco supplies the largest variety of structural framing stud and track. Ensure you have the right materials on hand to adequately handle the load and meet applicable building codes. Structural framing stud and track are available in many gauges and sizes. 

Brands We Carry:  ClarkDietrich Marino Ware Flexability Concepts Super Stud


  • Exterior Framing
  • Floor Joists / Floor Framing
  • TradeReady® Steel Joist System
  • Cold-formed Steel C-Studs
  • Steel Track
  • C-Joist
  • Structural Rim Track
  • Curtain Wall Framing
  • Door + Window Framing
  • Head-of-Wall Deflection
  • Bridging + Bracing
  • Load-Bearing Framing


  • JoistRite® C-Joist Floor Framing System
  • StudRite® C-Stud
  • Structural Joists, Studs & Tracks (CW, SW, T)
  • Floor Joists & Headers (J, JE, JX & JXW)
  • Roof Trusses, Rafters, Purlins & Mansards
  • Slotted Track
  • Steel Decking
  • Channels
  • Bridging
  • Head and Sill
  • Sure-Board Structural Shear Panels

Super Stud Building Products, Inc.

  • The EDGE™ Steel Framing System
  • Load Bearing Framing Systems
  • Curtainwall Framing Systems
  • F-Track & T-Track

Flex-Ability Concepts

  • Flex-C Trac® System