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Fasteners & Connectors

Whether you’re decking or framing, using composite or wood, Kamco supplies the fasteners and connectors needed to perfectly complete the job. We stock a wide variety of nails, screws, washers, nuts & bolts, hinges and more, in all of the materials and strengths that meet applicable building codes.

Brands We Carry: Simpson Strong Tie  

Simpson Strong-Tie

  • Top-Flange Hangers for Solid Sawn Lumber
  • Face-Mount Hangers for Solid Sawn Lumber
  • Panelized Sub-Purlin Hangers
  • Post Frame Hangers
  • Hip Connectors
  • Rafter-to-Wall Connectors for Solid Sawn Lumber
  • Strong-Drive® Exterior & Interior Wood Screws
  • Deck Drive® Exterior Wood Screws & Composite Decking Screws
  • Wood Decking and Siding Nails