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QuietRock Sound Reducing Drywall

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quiet rockQuietRock is a technically advanced, made in the USA sound-reducing drywall that was developed in 2003 and now has more than 40 U.S. and foreign patents and patent applications. QuietRock and the Quiet line of accessories reduce sound and vibration using modern chemistry and techniques and a high-tech approach to building science. The result is a product that offers both fire resistance and high noise control and uses less space, less material and less labor than conventional alternatives.

QuietRock and the complete line of Quiet accessory products became part of the PABCO Gypsum family in August 2013.

QuietRock EZ-SNAP

EZ-SNAP is a high-performance sound reducing gypsum panel that scores and snaps like normal gypsum panels, no special tools required. With less materials installed, QuietRock EZ-SNAP saves time, labor, and valuable floor space while delivering high acoustic performance that outperforms other sound attenuation methods, including multi-layered gypsum panels, resilient channel and soundboard.

  • High STC performance ratings
  • Mold resistant
  • High reliability
  • 1-hour fire rated, Type X
  • Abrasion resistant paper

Other QuietRock Panel Products

  • QuietRock 510: Cost-effective ½-inch sound damping gypsum panel ideal for installation in residential and remodels applications.
  • QuietRock 530: High performance structural sound damping gypsum panel that delivers superb noise reduction and impact resistance.
  • QuietRock 545: Multi-layer gypsum panel ideal for projects requiring high STC performance at low frequencies, such as commercial theaters, media rooms and recording studios.

Quiet Accessories

  • QuietPutty: Class-A fire-resistant acoustical putty for use on any assembly that requires an acoustic seal, including electrical outlet boxes, rocker switches, HVAC ducts, water hookups, and cable systems.
  • QuietSeal Pro: High performing, non-hardening acoustical sealant for use around wall perimeters to prevent noise leaks.
  • QuietGlue Pro: High performance, low cost acoustical compound designed for do-it-yourself projects and small commercial applications.
  • QuietCoat: Sprayable, viscoelastic polymer that reduces noise and vibration on nonporous materials including ductwork, stainless steel, aluminum and composite (reinforced plastic).

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