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Armstrong's ShortSpan Makes Drywall Ceiling Framing Easy

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Framing a flat drywall ceiling up to 14-feet wide is fast and easy with the help of Armstrong’s ShortSpan Cross Tees and, a pre-engineered solution designed to support spans up to 8-feet, 6-inches with no independent vertical support. 

In addition to staying flat during installation, Armstrong ShortSpan Cross Tees offer locked angle molding and locked tabs every 8" for your 16” or 24" O.C. layouts which prevents lateral and upward movement and eliminates the need for screws, pop rivets or crimpers to attach cross tees to molding.

Armstrong ShortSpan Low Profile Cross Tees

  • For Spanning under Low lying obstructions such as mechanicals or beams 

Armstrong ShortSpan Cross Tees

  • Wall to Wall spans 8’-6” and 14’ with one (1) row of support
  • Fastest way to frame for a drywall ceiling in the industry
  • Higher finished ceiling heights
  • Less material to handle and store

Drywall Grid Systems

  • Installs just as fast as ACT grid
  • Fastest way to frame for a drywall ceiling in the industry
  • Support hangers can be raised over mechanicals
  • Soffit building made quick and easy with drywall grid
  • Less material to handle and store

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