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Nichiha Fiber Cement Wall Panels & Rainscreen

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nichiha illumination wall panels

Nichiha isn't like other fiber cement architectural wall panels, they offer much more. From commercial to residential construction, Nichiha provides the versatility, sustainability and high performance suited for any design or construction requirement. 


  • Architectural Wall Panels provide an engineered rainscreen
  • Innovative moisture management system
  • Wide variety of finishes and textures (From brick and stone to metallic and wood)
  • LEED™ Materials and Resources Credit 4, as well as IEQ4.6 under LEED™ for schools
  • Thin profile ( 5/8 inch thick)


  • Very customizable
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick installation in any temperature (500 sq ft per day)
  • Can be installed on most common substrates: Traditional wood framing—Concrete and masonry (CMU’s), Structural insulated panels (SIP’s) and metal frame construction
  • Short lead times on standard products (two weeks)


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